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A number of minimally invasive procedures can now be accomplished at a Surgery Center as an outpatient procedure. Due to the advancements in surgical techniques, success rates have increased and recovery times have decreased.

The combination of advanced technology as well as the increased skill level of our surgeons has provided the patient options on where to have their surgery.

It is no longer the norm that all surgeries need or require a hospital stay. Surgery Centers are a viable option to have many different procedures performed in a safe, convenient and economical environment with quality results.

Learn more about the advantages of a surgery center and view some of our special procedures.

About Surgery One

We are a network of surgery centers with over 30 years of experience, dedicated to serving the needs of patients who seek a personalized option for surgery.

We offer specialized surgical services in a caring, safe, team-oriented environment with significant cost savings, superb patient satisfaction and lower infection rates.