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Dr. Mark Steven Stern

705 E. Ohio Avenue
Escondido, CA 92025
United States
(888) 450-4130
Doctor Specialty: 

Education Qualifications:

High School
Brooklyn Technical High School
Brooklyn, New York 1965-1969

Adelphi University
Garden City, New York

Medical School
Albany Medical College
Albany, New York

Clerkship Glen N. Leak Memorial Fellowship
Leeds, England
July 1975-August 1975

Georgetown University Medical Center
Washington DC General Surgery
June 1978-May 1981

Georgetown University Medical Center
Washington DC Neurosurgery
June 1978-May 1981

Los Angeles County/University of Southern California Medical Center Neurosurgery
July 1982-June 1984

Chief Residency
Los Angeles County/University of Southern California Medical Center Neurosurgery
July 1983-July 1984

Clinical Research Fellowship Surgical Neurology Division, NIH
June 1981-June 1982

California - #G47596

Board Certification
Completed Part I – American Board of Neurological Surgery – 1982 Completed National Medical Boards Part III – 1978

Professional Background:

Academic Appointments

  • Instructor in Neurological Surgery USC School of Medicine – 1983 to present
  • Instructor in Neurological Surgery UCSD School of Medicine 1986-1992
  • Clinical Research Fellowship National Institute of Health Bethesda, Maryland June 1981 to June 1982
  • Consultant Blue Cross of California
  • Consultant Sharp Health Care
  • Consultant Center for Health Care
  • Physician reviewer and consultant for Beech Street Medical Reviewer Board of California
  • Consultant State Workers Compensation Panel

Professional Appointments

  • Chief of Neurosurgery Sub-Section, Palomar Medical Center, Escondido, CA 1988, 1992, 1996, 2000, 2002, 2004, 2005 and 2010 (Present)
  • Chief of Neurosurgery, Tri-City Medical Center, Oceanside, CA 2004–2006, 2008 to 2010 (Present)

Society Memberships

  • Congress of Neurosurgeons
  • California Medical Association
  • San Diego Medical Society
  • San Diego Academy of Neurosurgeons
  • American Association of Neurological Surgeons
  • North American Spine Society


  • Bone Waxing Device Patent #5, 108, 403 April 1992


  • 2007 Physician of the Year Presented by San Diego’s Health Care Champions
  • 2003 Physician of the Year Presented by Physician’s Advisory Board


  • Metastases of Gliomas in the Central Nervous System American Academy of Neurosurgeons Boston, October 1982
  • Neuroscience Seminar
  • National Institute of Health, Bethesda, MD 1981-1982
  • Treatment of Modality for Optic Nerve Gliomas in Children with Von Reckinghausen’s Diesease October 1982
  • Relationship of Cranial Irradiation to Spontaneously Occurring Intracranial Brain Tumors September 1982
  • Spinal Cord Astrocytomas October 1982
  • Bioenergetic Pathways in Normal and Glioblastoma Brain October 1982

Professional Activities

  • Material and Methods for Cerebral Embolization for Intracerebral Arteriovenous Malformations Georgetown University Seminars in Neurosurgery 1980.
  • Recurrent Catamenial Pneumothorax. Department of Thoracic Surgery Seminars, Albany Medical College 1977
  • Medicine and Medical Education Radiotherapy in Great Britain Glenn L. Leak Fellowship presentation 1975.
  • On the Role of Hassall Corpuscles of the Thymus in the Production of Thymosisn. Department of Immunology Review Paper, Albany, Medical College 1974.
  • Sterochemical Relationships between Amino Acids and their Codons and The Possible Effects on the Evolution of the Genetic Code. Thesis paper, Evolutionary Biology Adelphi University 1972.
  • The History of Neurosurgery in Washington, D.C., Washington, D.C. 1983.
  • A Review of the Anatomy of the Orbit with Reference to Retro orbital Hematoma as Complication of Trigeminal Thermo coagulation. Seminars in Neurosurgery, Georgetown University 1980.
  • Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation Occurring in a Patient with Epidural Metastatic Prostate Carcinoma; Diagnosis, Management and Prognosis. Veterans Hospital Morbidity Conference, Washington, D.C. May 1981.
  • Epidural Hemorrahage as a Complication of Ventricular Shunting. Seminar on Neurosurgery Georgetown University,1982
  • A New Treatment for Postoperative Pneumocephalus. June 1980
  • Seminar in Neurosurgery Georgetown University,1980

Special Interest (Neurosurgery)

  • Neuro-oncology
  • Neurovascular Physiology
  • Spinal and Stereotactic
  • Microsurgery

Research Activities

  • Principal Investigator for FDA approved, IDE clinical research study for Stabilimax NZ lumbar dynamic stabilization system by Applied Spine Technologies (AST) (2007-current)
  • Principal Investigator for FDA approved, IDE clinical research study for Mobi-C cervical prosthetic disc by LDR Spine (2007-current) Cardiopulmonary vascular alterations in neurosurgical patients related to Changes in positioning. USC/LAC research Los Angeles, CA. August 1983-1996
  • Changes in cardiovascular pulmonary dynamics related to excision of Intracranial arteriovenous malformations. USC/LAC Research Los Angeles,Calif,1983
  • Metastases of intracranial astrocytomas in the central nervous system.
  • NIH Researh Bethesda, M.D. August 1981- May 1982.
  • Ancient Schwanomas in the central nervous system: A clinic pathological correlation. USC/LAC Research Los Angeles, CA. July 1983.
  • The genetics of brainstem gliomas in siblings. USC/LAC Research Los Angeles, CA. July 1983
  • Selective intra-arterial BCNU in the treatment of recurrent malignant brain tumors. NIH Research Protocol Bethesda, M.D. March 1982-March 1984
  • High energy pathways in human gliomas comparison of invitro and vivo substrates and products. NIH Research Protocol Bethesda, M.D. August 1981-May 1982
  • Analysis of phosphocreatine, adenosine triphosphate, adenosine Monophosphate in normal human brain and human brain and human glioblastoma cells. NIH Research Bethesda, M.D. August 1981-May 1982.
  • Relations of nutritional support to outcome of closed head injury. USC/LAC Los Angeles, CA research 1983.
  • Lapdog/Leapdog Study Research a National Multicenter Research Study on Lumbar Automated Percuataneous Discectomy Outcome Group 1995-1998.
  • Cervical Spine Research Society a study on cervical spine Fusions with and without plates: a prospective study of therapeutic Effectiveness with John Hopkins Neurosurgery in Baltimore, M.D. 1997-1998.


  • Anesthesia for intracranial Vascular Surgery. Vladimir Zelman, M.D.,Ph.D., Rogert Von Hanwehr, M.D., A Bayat, M.D., Steven L. Giannotta, M.D. and Mark S. Stern, M.D.
  • Anesthesia Safety for All. Proceedings of the Eigth World Congress of Anesthesiology. Pp 215-218. January 22-28, 1984 Manilla, Phillipines.
  • Cardio-Dynamic Changes Associated with Resection of Cerebral AV Malformations. Mark S. Stern, M.D., S. Gianotta, M.D., Abstracts
  • Neurosurgical Section of American College of Surgeons. Santa Barbara,California. January 28, 1984. S. Skanen, M.D. and V. Zelman, M.D.
  • Cardiovascular Dynamic Changes in Neurosurgical Patients during General Anesthesia. V. Zelman, M.D., Mark S. Stern, M.D., M.J. Apuzzo, Congress of Anesthesiologist. April 24-27, 1985 Jakarta, Indonesia.
  • Cardiovascular Hemodynamic Changes Related to Neursurgical Patients Under Anesthesica. Vladimir Zalman, M.D., Ph.D., M.J. Apuzzo, M.D., Mark S. Stern, M.D., A. Bayat, M.D. and Symposium of the Polish Society of Neurosurgery. Pp. 113-115. September 27-29, 1985, S. Skanen, M.D.
  • Analysis of phosphocreatnine, adenosine triphosphate, adenosine monophosphate in normal human brain and human gliablastome cells. NIH Research Besethda,Md August 1981-May 1982.
  • Proceeding of American Academy of Neurosurgeons October 1982, Metastasis of Gliomas in the Central Nervous System.
  • Critical Care Medicine, Management of Head Injuries, 1985, M. Weiss,M.D., Mark S. Stern, M.D.
Surgery Center: 
Carlsbad Surgery Center