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During Surgery

Will the surgeon see my family immediately after surgery is completed?

Whenever possible, the surgeon will meet with family members immediately after surgery. If for any reason this is not possible, you may contact the doctor's office to arrange a time to discuss how the surgery went.

How long will I be in the Surgery Center?

Up to 23-hours. Your surgeon may request that you go to a rehab facility following discharge from the Center for further physical therapy.

Can my family stay with me?

Your family may stay with you until you are taken to the operating room. They can see you once you return to the recovery area after surgery.

How long will the surgery take?

Depending upon the difficulty of your case, surgery can take anywhere from one to three hours, with an additional two to three hours in the recovery room.

What happens during knee replacement surgery?

In surgery, the knee is flexed and the leg suspended. One muscle is separated to expose the femur (thighbone); later, the tibia (shinbone) is exposed. The damaged surfaces at the end of the thighbone are trimmed to shape it to fit inside the total knee prosthesis. The shinbone is cut flat across the top and a hole is created in the center to hold the stem of the tibial component. If needed, the knee cap is trimmed and the patellar component attached. At various points during surgery, the alignment, function, and stability of the knee joint are evaluated and required adjustments are made. The prosthesis components are cemented into place, any contracted ligaments are released, the midvastus muscle is reconstructed, and the incision is closed.

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