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Types of Surgeries

What is uni-compartmental arthroplasty?

When a joint has worn to the point it no longer does its job, an artificial joint, or prosthesis, made of metal, ceramics and plastics can take its place. Unicompartmental joint replacement surgery recreates the normal function of the joint - relieving discomfort and significantly increasing activity and mobility.

Why do knees need replacement?

The joint in your knee is lined with cartilage, a layer of smooth, tough tissue that cushions the bones where they touch each other. With age and stress, the cartilage wears away and the bones rub against each other, causing friction, swelling, stiffness, pain and sometimes deformity. When this happens, knee replacement may relieve pain and restore mobility and quality of life.

Is joint replacement surgery safe?

Joint replacement is a safe and common procedure. Annually, nearly 150,000 people have hips and nearly 250,000 have knees replaced with positive results. Any surgical procedure involves risk. Hospital staff will review these with you and explain how your post-surgical program can reduce risk and aid in more rapid recovery.

Who will perform the surgery?

Your orthopaedic surgeon will perform the surgery. If an assistant helps, they may bill you separately.


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