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Hi I am Mike Lenihan. I am an Orthopedic Surgeon. I’m used to being on the other side of the equation, on the physician side rather than the patient side. Over the last year and half, on three different occasions, I have had the opportunity to be on the patient side. The first surgery was a simple low back disc herniation. The surgery was done at the surgery center and I was able to go home the same day. I felt great and went back to work four days later. I work in an office environment so it is not taxing but I also am responsible for Trauma coverage and was able to return to Trauma call within 4 weeks.

Unfortunately about a year later I had a herniated disc in my neck. I lost use of my hand which for anyone is devastating but especially for a surgeon it was life altering. The second surgery was done at the end of the day, so I did stay overnight but had another terrific recovery. The surgeon went in through the front of neck and took the disc out and put in the metal plate and screws. I had no ill effects from the surgery and in a very short time, about a week was back to work. Great news my hand function was back to normal and I felt 100%.

About four months later I had another herniated disc in my low back. This required a fusion. The surgeon went in from the side and the back and put in a metal plate and screws. This was about a 5 ½ hour surgery. I stayed overnight but was up on my feet late that night and walked to my car the next day. After two weeks I was back at work. In fact I just returned from vacation where I was riding horses and fishing. Not sure I was supposed to be riding horses but I felt 100% improvement.

I can’t say enough about the quality of concern and care in the outpatient surgery center. The people were terrific in helping me while I was there as well as following up with me at home. The nurses were top notch, the physicians were fantastic and I could not of had a better experience. I would highly recommend the Surgery Center Experience to anyone who unfortunately has to have spine surgery.

The setting was terrific; the care was out of this world and recovery is speeded up by the quality of care I received. I hope to not be a patient again but if I am or require another surgery I will certainly go back to the surgery center. I can’t thank the people enough; it was an honor and privilege to work with these individuals as a physician and now as a patient.