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Graziela Errasquin

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After years of pain in my right knee, I elected to undergo Unicompartmental Knee Arthroplasty in February 2010 by Dr. John Serocki at the La Jolla Orthopaedic Surgery Center.

The surgery went very well. The skillful surgery performed by Dr. Serocki, the excellent 1:1 nursing care provided by the Surgery Center, and the supportive/encouraging physical therapists facilitated a problem-free recovery. This favorable experience influenced me to have the same procedure performed on my left knee nine months later. As with the first surgery, my recovery from the left UKA went very well also. I would not hesitate to refer anyone considering knee surgery to consult with Dr. Serocki and/or the La Jolla Orthopaedic Surgery Center.
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Outpatient Surgery Center of La Jolla
Dr. John Serocki